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Geographic Information System (GIS)

Addresses the use of Geographic Information System (GIS) in connection with, among others, local level data collection and survey work. Involves use of maps, including handmade maps (including as made by local people), topographical maps, and satellite images. Also targets Global Position System (GPS). Focuses on involving and training local people in using such tools.

The knowledge available here, produced by third parties – in the form of literature references, documents for downloading, websites, etc. – is of special importance for Supras’ work in one or more of its areas of service. Output produced by Supras on this issue is available in section Library.

Geographic Information System (GIS)
On GIS. [access]
Social GIS (SGIS)
Social Geographic Information System (SGIS) is an approach and a methodology for doing data collection and surveys that integrates traditional approaches and use of GIS. [access]