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Capacity building

The key capacity building and training activities in this service area are: Advisory services (in-person and via email), seminars and lecturing. These activities often take place in connection with projects and operations and networks and networking activities, but are also free-standing. The activities are aimed at different stakeholders, with an emphasis on civil society and the public sector.

The consultants listed in Supras’ Roster of Consultants should, in some cases, be understood as cases of on-the-job-training.

Capacity building and training activities takes place also in Norway, and partly in collaboration with Forum South (Forum Sør).

Documents and images in connection with these activities are available in section Library. Secondary knowledge, in the form of references, documents and websites, etc., are available in section Knowledge. Links to many of the implementing agencies and partners that are involved in these activities are available in section Links.

Project and operations

Please see this service area for details.

Networks and networking

Community-Based Natural Resource Management Network (CBNRM Net)
Focus: Iinvolves the operation of a network for this global community of practice, emphasizing knowledge management/sharing, capacity building and training. Consists of more than 500 individuals, NGOs and organizations worldwide. Comments: CBNRM and related practical approaches are delivered by means of ICTs, especially Internet and email, partly as individual and hands-on capacity building and partly through CBNRM publications. [access]

Other activities