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Community-Based Natural Resource Management Network (CBNRM Net

Supras’ concern with networking activities centers around support to CBNRM Net. The rationale behind this is best explained by listing its mission statement. The logic of the connection between CBNRM and Supras is that this is a mutually beneficial collaboration. Supras covers most of the expenses for running CBNRM Net. In turn, Supras gets access to the global network of 500 plus people working on natural resource management in more than 100 countries on all continents, and can draw upon this network for its own work, be it intelligence, knowledge or people to staff its own work.

Literature on CBNRM is available on the CBNRM Net website. On the Supras site, documents on CBNRM (and CBNRM Net) are available in sections Library and Knowledge.


The international situation with regard to CBNRM: Internationally, work on community-based approaches to identifying, addressing and solving local problems and issues in connection with natural resource management are increasing fast. At the same time there is little contact between these local peoples. Connected with this, there is little concerted effort at managing the growing body of knowledge and making it accessible. Likewise, the lack of contact between practitioners and other CBNRM stakeholders mean that valuable experiences are not shared. This means that the CBNRM agenda is not moving ahead as fast as otherwise might be possible, and a global CBNRM community of practice is only very slowly emerging.


The key product and focus is the Community-Based Natural Resource Management Network (CBNRM Net). This is a global and virtual network of CBNRM practitioners - as well as other CBNRM stakeholders - that communicate with each other through use of ICTs, specifically the Internet and email.

CBNRM Net will:

To reach the goals presented in the above mission statement, CBNRM Net is:

The CBNRM Net website is a means to: (1) manage the fast growing amount of CBNRM-related knowledge internationally, and (2) connects the members of CBNRM Net, both individuals and organizations, with each other (there are currently more than 500 members). The latter is done, among others, by means of the CBNRM Net Newsletter, which is sent to members regularly. To learn about membership visit the CBNRM Net website.

Regarding the output of work in the core service area of networking, it comprises different elements, and it is difficult to measure quantitatively. These are the different types of output:

  1. CBNRM Net Newsletter – published regularly,
  2. CBNRM Net Papers – published regularly,
  3. CBNRM Net website – regularly updated, and
  4. CBNRM Net members – increases, in terms of numbers and geographic location.