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Supras is actively involved in research and publishing. This work includes participation in conferences and workshops where papers are presented and discussed, and covers also training and course work. The key research activities in this service area that Supras is managing or is involved in are listed below.

Research takes place in a dialectic between activities in the core services areas of “Projects and operations,” “Capacity building,” and “Networks and networking,” on the one hand, and presentations of papers at conferences and workshops, on the other hand. That is, research activities have long-term as well as short-term time horizons and outputs.

The research is organized in several partly overlapping areas. Over time the relative emphasis on these areas is likely to change, as well, new areas are likely to be added.


The areas of research are partly connected with one or more of Supras’ service areas and, conversely, research related to one of the service areas may be located in one or more research categories. Specific output of the research include CBNRM Net Papers and Supras’ Briefing Notes series.

Links to implementing agencies, partners and projects that are involved in research are available in section Links. Output of research activities is available in section Library. Secondary knowledge is available in section Knowledge.

Communication and development
Focus: (to be added). [access]
Environmental management
Focus: Coastal zone management, environmental trends analysis (tools for spatial and temporal monitoring and assessment of natural resources), institutional analysis, traditional knowledge, among others. [access]
Information and communication technology (ICT)
Focus: (to be added). [access]
Knowledge management
Focus: Concerns the management of knowledge, broadly understood, in connection with development cooperation. There is a focus on natural resource management, the local level in developing countries, networks and networking, and use of ICTs. [access]
Networks and networking
Focus: On a number of aspects connected with identifying, preparing, implementing and managing networks. These networks are, as a rule, virtual, that is, they are based on use of ICTs (specifically Internet and email), they have an emphasis on knowledge management, and they aim to evolve into proper communities of practice. This is also a service area. [access]
Property rights
Focus: (to be added). [access]