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This page contains notes on synergies and linkages between the “Profile’s” Concepts, competencies and methodology.

See also the pages on Background and Sources. To learn more about how the Profile is applied and operationalized, cf. the Service areas

Linking it all ...

The disaggregation of Supras’ Profile is necessary partly for heuristic purposes, and partly to weigh the relative importance, emphases, and applicability of a specific Competency in connection with a concrete applied activity.

The Concepts, Competencies and Methodology are, in connection with implementation of projects or other activities, linked in two fundamental ways: (1) They are connected, integrated and support each other and (2) They contribute to reaching the planned goals with an activity. One fundamental goal with development activities, especially in order to create long-term sustainable outcomes, is to achieve increased openness and transparency between key stakeholders. This includes cultural understanding and utilizing local or traditional knowledge, together with public participation and co-management of natural resources, addressing the poverty-environment nexus, empowering communities, and achieving poverty reduction.

The various parts of the “Profile” are in reality closely linked, so much so, in fact, that it may seem difficult to describe and analyze each apart from the others. These linkages are of various types, ranging from overlaps, via one-way causal connections, and to various forms of feedback. As an integrated system, this set of “Concepts”, “Competencies” and “Methodologies” and their linkages model societies and cultures. In an applied sense, the overall goal is to achieve a balanced emphasis on environmental and social sustainability.

Sources: Borrini-Feyerabend (1997), Soeftestad (1997, 1999a). [access]