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Social Geographic Information System (SGIS)

The essence of Supras’ approach to doing Geographic Information Systems (GIS), namely “Social Geographic Information Systems” (SGIS), is that it is an integration of, on the one hand, GIS, specifically satellite imagery, and, on the other hand, an adaptive approach to detailed and comprehensive participatory research and mapping at the local level.

Social GIS represents Supras’ approach to working with GIS, and to integrate GIS in its participatory approach to project design and project implementation as well as research. Supras’ primary interest in Social GIS is in how it can contribute to: (1) on the short term: understand actual occurrences and patterns in natural resource management at the local level through resource mapping, at specific points in time as well as over time and (2) on the longer term: develop the analytical and policy level concerns of Social trends analysis (STA) and Social sustainability.

Literature and websites concerning SGIS is available here. See also this related page: ETA at ESRI IU 2007. Knowledge on GIS is also available.

A paper on Supras’ approach to working with GIS, that is, “Social GIS,” is available. The paper will be made available, in a revised version, in the Supras Notes series.